About Us

Tee Radio is the first of its kind to comply with rules of national broadcasting standards. Our staff includes DJs with AM and FM broadcasting backgrounds.

Tee Radio is also a cost-friendly way of getting to know news updates, enjoy your favorite rhythms, or keep you informed about the latest lifestyle trends all at just a click or a press.

Through the your hand-held gadget or portable work station (laptop, in other words) where you can easily access Tee Radio, gone forever are those days of bad radio receptions and dial-fiddling-thanks to the constant and unlimited wonders that digital technology offers.

Unlike conventional radio, where chats or calls are limited to one person for a particular time, Tee Radio has more expanded, interactive reach: you can request your favourite tunes and chat anytime you want, when you feel like it, and your post will be displayed quickly. You can even provide advises and tips that will eve also interest both of our DJs and listeners. This also generates greater real-time responses, like and followers from among our avid listeners.

Who knows you can even be part of our fun-filled Tee Radio Club! And, should you wish to move addresses of work places, Tee Radio will always be ready for you to access, 24/7, anywhere globally.

Email us: [email protected]